A Classy Elegant Wedding

Bernard & Fay

Dear Bernard & Fay’s wedding celebrations was such a joy to plan. How could it not be when things like a Chanel-themed candy corner and the bride’s love for vibrant coloured flowers were part of the plan. Fay’s bubbly personality and Bernard’s cool and supportive nature made them such a sweet couple. We started off with a softer colour palette for the church wedding, followed by a more vibrant and richer colour scheme for the wedding dinner held at the exclusive Capella Hotel, while still maintaining a classy elegant feel throughout. We’re so happy that the whole wedding came together beautifully and their guests truly had a good time.

“Due to our work commitments, we knew that planning a wedding would not be possible without engaging the help of a wedding planner. Yet, we had our initial reservations – a number of our friends had terribly unpleasant experiences. At the end of the day, signing on with Our Fairytale Wedding turned out to be the best decision we made in the process of planning our wedding. Vivian and Olivia were always enthusiastic and full of ideas. They negotiated and coordinated with the vendors on our behalf, and always made sure that the deliverables were met and deadlines were kept. They were also willing to work our meetings around our busy schedule. We particularly liked how our correspondence, be it via email or text messages, was always prompt, detailed and relevant. On the actual day, their execution was nearly flawless both at the church ceremony and wedding dinner banquet.

Vivian and Olivia are truly committed to the job and delivered precisely what they had promised. In fact, they far exceeded our expectations. They literally took the hassle and stress out of the wedding and allowed us to fully enjoy our special day by just being ourselves and having fun. We feel truly blessed and grateful to have met and worked with such a charming, dynamic duo!” – Bernard & Fay